Must-Have Fishing Boat Accessories

A great fishing boat comes with many features that make it useful, comfortable and practical out on the water. You might not realize, however, that you can add several more accessories after you’ve purchased your boat that will increase how much you can catch, how much gear you can bring and how long you can stay out on the water. That’s why Bretz RV & Marine has prepared this list of must-have fishing boat accessories. For all your fishing boat needs, visit our dealership in Billings, Montana.

Fish Finder

Fish finders are a must-have for dedicated anglers. Not only will these devices let you know if you’re dropping your line in the right spot, they act as a depth finder to ensure that you’re boating in safe waters. Boating in very shallow water can quickly send you running aground if your hull doesn’t clear the bottom. Modern fish finders even have GPS capabilities built in so that you can mark down a particularly successful fishing spot and make it back easily. Not only that, the GPS-capable fish finders will usually let you chart a course as well, so you can easily keep track of where you are and where you want to go from there.

Livewell & Baitwell

Livewells keep your caught fish swimming and alive as you continue to fish. This prevents you from stashing your catches in a cooler only for them to slowly degrade as the day goes on, particularly in hot weather. A baitwell is similar but is intended to let live bait swim until it’s put on the hook. Live bait is much more tempting to fish so it’s your best choice as a lure. Both of these wells can be installed on many different types of boat and come in several different sizes to accommodate different fishers’ needs.

Emergency Kit

Every boat should be equipped with an emergency kit. These self-contained packages come with several items that will help you in case of an emergency. Most emergency kits contain a signal device such as a flare, whistle, mirror, or a combination thereof. A good emergency kit will come with a rescue rope in case you lose your boat’s onboard PFD as well as a flashlight. Many emergency kits also double as a last-resort bailing device in case your craft starts taking on water.


When it comes to signaling other boats, shouting is often not enough to get someone’s attention over the sound of an engine. An air horn is a perfect solution to this dilemma. If you are in trouble on the water, or need to let an inattentive boater know you’re there, there are few better options than this affordable accessory. Not only that, most air horns are refillable so you don’t have to spend a fortune buying them over and over.


When you get out on the water, it’s good to have something to eat and drink with you. A cooler is the perfect container to bring along. Not only that, but a cooler packed with ice is a must-have for any angler that is looking to limit over the course of the day. Many boat manufacturers have coolers that fit conveniently into special places on their watercraft, so make sure you get the perfect cooler for your boat.


When you’re out on the water for hours at a time, it can be grueling to be under the hot sun or misty rains without a cover. Sure, you can wear a raincoat or a sun hat, but you’ll be much more comfortable if you have some shelter under which you can take refuge. A T-Top roof can easily be installed on many fishing boats and will provide you with some shade as well as a place to store equipment.

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