Entertaining On Your Pontoon

There’s no better way to host a party on the water than with a pontoon boat. You’ll have ample space for mingling, eating, and even a fun-filled movie night. We’ve gathered some helpful tips for entertaining on a pontoon. If you’re still in the market for a boat, be sure to visit us at Bretz RV & Marine in Billings, MT! We’d be happy to show your our impressive selection of pontoon boats for sale. We also offer credit and financing, RV service, parts, and body/collision work.

Decor Options

You might be surprised at how a little decoration can go a long way in creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for your party. It helps to stick to a central theme so you can easily find decorations that’ll tie everything together. Some common party themes for pontoons include fiesta, nautical, casino, tropical, and so on. You can even encourage your guests to dress for the theme.


Dining is an enjoyable experience, especially when you have a breathtaking view of the open water before you. If you’d like, you can make the dining experience the main focus of your party. Start by deciding on what foods you plan to serve. Many people opt for finger foods because they’re the easiest to prepare, serve, and eat on a pontoon boat. Some options include popcorn, chips, a fruit/veggie tray, hummus and pita bread, and crackers and cheese. You can always turn the event into a potluck. You’ll spend less time preparing food and your guests will be able to showcase their cooking skills.

The next step is deciding how you’ll serve the food. One festive option is to use disposable margarita or champagne flutes. The stem makes the glass easy to hold, and it’s a unique approach that guests will appreciate. Another option is to use recyclable paper plates or reusable plastic plates. Avoid using glass since it can break and become a safety hazard. You’ll want to have a way to keep bugs out of the food, such as aluminum foil, saran wrap, or a plastic cover.


A party isn’t much of a party without music. Many pontoons offer a radio or a USB port, which will allow you to play music right from your phone. Before your party begins, ask your guests to send you their favorite tunes. You can build a collaborative playlist that everyone will enjoy. You could also choose to theme it around nautical songs or simply go with ambient music.

A pontoon boat is an ideal place for conversation and socializing. Think about some interesting starter questions that you and your guests can go around and ask to learn more about each other. You can ask questions about hobbies or travel, for example. There are also plenty of conversation-starter card games to be found at bookstores that you could use.

Another fun way to enjoy your time on a pontoon boat is to host a game night or movie night. After all, there are so many games that don’t require using cards or pieces, like Charades. You can enjoy board games, too. Let’s not forget about movie night. Host a simple showing on your laptop or tablet. You can also go all-out and connect a device to a portable movie projector. Hang up a sheet that can serve as the big screen. It’s best to wait until it’s fully dark outside to start the show. The sunlight will produce a glare that’ll make it hard to see the picture. Don’t forget to bring some waterproof speakers since it can be more difficult to hear the audio over the waves.

Cleaning Up

You can make the post-party clean-up easier on yourself with a bit of planning. Bring a box of cleaning supplies with you. Items should include sanitation wipes for surfaces, hand sanitizer, and trash bags. When you throw garbage away, it’s a good idea to double bag it to prevent spilling. Place the full garbage bags under the seats or in a secure compartment to keep them from blowing out into the water. Remember to keep a separate container for recyclables so you can focus on creating less waste.

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