Boat Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing boats¬†improve your fishing excursion drastically. You can cruise around the water, sit in better comfort, and pass the day away in serenity. If you are new to boats, you’ll want to read the following tips on making the most of your experience. If you still need to buy your boat, visit Bretz RV & Marine. We offer many models for all budgets. You’ll find us in Billings, Montana.


Fishing boats allow you to bring plenty of supplies out on the open water. You get lots of room to set down your items without worrying about them getting lost or grimy as you do when fishing from the shore. We recommend taking along a tackle box, needle nose pliers, a net, bottles of water, sunscreen, bug spray, and a first aid kit.


The type of bait you pick will play a large role in how successful your fishing trip ends up being. Certain types of fish will respond better to specific types of bait. Try to find something that is as similar to their normal food as possible. If you can, go with live bait as this will be more enticing to the fish. Always touch your bait with clean hands. Fish have an incredible sense of smell and your scent could be enough to keep them from chomping down on your hook.


Spending the day in boats requires different attire than spending the day on land. You’ll still need your usual gear. Polarized sunglasses help block UV rays from hurting your eyes and can provide an added bonus of reducing water glare. Check the weather to ensure you wear enough layers. If it might rain, you’ll want waterproof outerwear.

Then you will need the gear required for riding in boats. You’ll want a life jacket as a safeguard in an emergency. Fishing boats can get into boating accidents as well and you could get knocked unconscious or otherwise unable to keep yourself afloat. It also is wise to wear waterproof boots for stepping in and out of the water.

The Location

Fishing boats allow you to set up anywhere on the water. You aren’t just limited to a small strip of sand on the shore to cast your line. You can go anywhere! When you pick your location, keep in mind the type of fish you hope to catch. Some stick close to shore while others lurk at the bottom of the water. Try to be where they will be! If you spend a few hours and don’t get so much as a nibble, try finding a new location.


Boats can be improved with the right upgrades and accessories. Rod holders help keep your rod in place, which can be useful in a variety of situations. Maybe you want to improve your luck by having multiple lines in the water so you hold one pole and put the other in a rod holder. Maybe you are fishing with your kids and they need a break. Maybe it’s time for lunch, but you don’t want to reel in your line. This simple upgrade can be a versatile accessory.

Another common purchase is a livewell. Once you catch a fish, place it inside to keep it fresh until you are ready to head home. These come in a range of sizes and types so you can find one that will suit your needs.

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