Accessories for Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats¬†are a fantastic way to enjoy the warm weather and the water. They can cruise around the bay, tow the kids in an inner tube, host a floating dinner party, and more. While you’ve already enjoyed many great times on your boat, you can boost your experiences even more with the right accessories. We’ve gathered up the must-have add-ons for marine enthusiasts below. For all your boating needs, visit Bretz RV & Marine. We are located in Billings, Montana.

Audio System

Imagine cruising across the waters playing your favorite music! It’s an easy way to bring the party on a pontoon, whether it’s just your family or a big group of friends. Some models simply require a Bluetooth or auxiliary cord connection to play music out of their speakers, while others benefit from custom audio equipment. The options range in pricing, but all will help give some oomph to your boating experience!

Boat Cover

Pontoon boats aren’t cheap and you’ll want to protect your investment from the elements. The unrelenting sun can cause colors to fade into dull shades. Moisture from rain or passing waves can lead to destructive mold and mildew. Your boat faces some hazards while it sits docked and you can guard against these hazards with a simple boat cover.

Swim Platform

It’s easy to go find an ideal swimming spot with pontoon boats. Simply cruise out into the water, park it, and enjoy a refreshing dip. But the high deck rails and wet slippery hands can make getting back onto the vessel a challenge. Young kids will especially struggle. An easy solution is to add a swim platform, which gets positioned at water level to make getting out of the water a breeze. Choose from permanently installed options or detachable ones.

Rod Holders

Many fishing enthusiasts rely on their pontoon to cruise out to where the fish are lurking. But sometimes you need a break from holding the rod. Maybe it’s lunchtime. Maybe you need to help your child with their hook. Or maybe you want to double your chances by having two lines in the water. That’s where rod holders enter the picture. These get connected to your ship and hold the pole steady, freeing you to do whatever else you need without having to take your line out of the water.

Corner Bumpers

Pontoon boats can incur damage when tied up at the marina. Each time powerful waves hit against the sides, it can push the pontoon into the unforgiving sturdy dock. Over time, this can lead to dents, scratches, and more. A cheap and easy to install solution is corner bumpers. This helps protect your vessel against the jagged edges of a dock.

Portable Battery Charger

Older pontoon models tend to lack a way to charge electronics. Or if they do provide some options, it’s often not enough to keep a whole group’s devices charged and ready to go. A portable battery charger with USB ports helps keep everyone’s phones powered up so they can take photos, play music, and communicate with those on land.

Fence Mount Grill

An easy way to get the most out of your time on the water is to add some fresh grilled food! Fence mount grills get hooked up to your fencing and allow you to grill to your heart’s content. They are easy to install and can be removed whenever you want. Install them during the season, then take them off for easier storage when winter comes.

We hope you found these suggestions helpful! There are plenty of ways to upgrade your vessel without breaking the bank. If you have any questions or want any help finding and installing upgrades, visit Bretz RV & Marine. You’ll find us in Billings, Montana.

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